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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Astropreneurs Accelerator?

Astropreneurs Accelerator is a three-month acceleration program that includes business and technical mentorship, support to fund your business idea and access to our “SPACE Economy “Astropreneurs” network”. Through Astropreneurs Accelerator, you can use this mentorship and the “space economy network” of investors, industry and supporting agencies to scale your business and better capitalize target markets and global opportunities. Start-ups will also have access to Astropreneurs workshops and initiatives aimed at a wider audience.

I have a start-up. Why should I apply?

Astropreneurs Accelerator offers you an unparalleled opportunity to scale your space-related start-up. It is done on a scale that leverages all that space economy has to offer, including support on space data applications (in context of Galileo, EGNOS and Copernicus data). You will have access to 50 hours of Business, Technical and Funding Support to address private and public funding opportunities, but also to overcome the financial, administrative and networking barriers to the market.

Who is eligible for Astropreneurs Accelerator?

Astropreneurs Accelerator is specifically targeting start-ups, i.e., either entrepreneurs in idea phase or registered companies that qualify as SMEs. The product or service has to be aimed at space market/use or based on a transfer of space technology or space system use in a non-space environment (“downstream applications”). They have to be located in a European Union member state or a country participating in H2020 program. Any non-EU entrepreneur, if selected, will have to establish an EU firm to be eligible.

How and when do I apply?

Our website will have an application form where you can submit your project idea. The main points to be described will be the team, product, space asset and IP, market & competition, customer acquisition, business & traction, growth strategy, investment & milestones, amongst other information. You can apply to Astropreneurs Accelerator anytime, but start-ups will be accepted according to quarterly evaluation periods.
You can apply until February 2020 on the following cut-off dates:

  1. Cut-off date: 27/09/2018 | Results: 25/10/2018
  2. Cut-off date: 24/01/2019 | Results: 21/02/2019
  3. Cut-off date: 11/04/2019 | Results: 09/05/2019
  4. Cut-off date: 05/09/2019 | Results: 03/10/2019
  5. Cut-off date: 31/10/2019 | Results: 28/11/2019
  6. Cut-off date: 06/02/2020 | Results: 27/02/2020
  7. Cut-off date: 27/05/2020 | Results: 12/06/2020

What does the selection process look like?

To begin, you must fill in the application. Next, we will evaluate your application and some start-ups may be asked to take part in an ½ hour video conference with an Astropreneurs team member. The evaluation will be made by Astropreneurs team and independent experts. After the quarterly evaluation periods, we except to take 15 days to communicate the decision. All applicants will be notified.

If my start-up is selected, what will happen next?

If accepted, your journey will begin with our team performing an assessment of your start-up and your market and funding needs. After that, you will be entitled to 50 hours of mentoring from Astropreneurs mentors and experts (WP 2 and WP3). Mentorship will be ongoing during 3 months, and there will be a series of events to participate in, for training, contacts and business network (WP 2 and WP3).

What are the start-ups obligations towards Astropreneurs?

There will be a MoU between the start-up and Astropreneurs that reflects both parts rights and obligations.

The Astropreneurs Accelerator and the Astropreneurs H2020 funded project are the same thing?

Yes, Astropreneurs Accelerator is the core activity of the Astropreneurs H2020 project, funded by the European Union under the call H2020 “COMPET 7 -Technology transfer and business generator”, but there are other activities, as workshops and training on space related subjects.


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Science and Technology Facilities Council - STFC

Aerospace Valley - AV

Centrum für Satellitennavigation Hessen - CESAH

CzechInvest - CI

Knowledge Innovation Market - KIM

Instituto Pedro Nunes


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