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New Space Economy: Business opportunities for companies


What is the New Space Economy?

It is a global trend which consists of a series of technological innovations and of business model. They have entailed a major reduction of the costs and have resulted in the provision of new products and services which have increased the existing customer base.

And how does it affect me?

It concerns everyone, and it is not only for spatial companies (before it was in contrary!). It is the opportunity to use Earth Observation data, among others, to solve multitude of actual problems like issues of environment, tourism, energy exploitation, communications, infrastructures, etc.

How can I take advantage of it?

It opens the doors of new opportunities for traditional businesses (automotive, tourism, telecommunications, energy…) who want to improve their services or make them profitable taking advantage of new technologies.

It is a booming sector, with an estimated value between 53-62 millions of euros in 2017. Do you know that more than 10% of GDP of the UE comes from spatial services? Having a faster and cheaper access data will make us create better technologies, rethink about businesses and obtain better services (spatial tourism, additive manufacturing for extraterrestrial conquest and the technological development in the space, asteroid and planetary mining, etc.).

New Space Economy: Business opportunities for companies

On February 12, the ‘New Space Economy: a business opportunity for companies’ event is held in Barcelona, promoted by the Barcelona Chamber of Commerce and our partner KIM.
The Astropreneurs project will be the main theme in one of the discussion blocks, with the participation of other project partners and users to talk about entrepreneurship opportunities in the aerospace sector and their experiences.

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